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Headline News Styled Scrolling Random Posts Widget For Blogger Blog

Posted by | 50 comments
Scrollling Headline News Widget
Recently I published a widget of headline news style in which we have used random posts to interact visitors with your blog and keep them on your blog for long time. This will decrease blog bounce rate and make visitor more friendly with your blog. You can check the widget here "Headline News Styled Widget For Blogger". But wait before going there, check out this widget. Today I have come with scrolling function, so let's start the tutorial.

Headline News Styled Blinking Random Posts Widget For Blogger

Posted by | 12 comments
Headline Styled Random PostsFirst of all, you may wondering what the hell this widget is! So, let me explain this first, you are familiar with news headlines in news channels. Those either come scrolling (vertically or horizontally) or blinking, right? And I know some of you also know about news headline blogger widget. But, what is special in it. This widget have random posts instead of recent posts. 

Second, you must have question in your mind why I have put 'V1" in the last of title. Because I will bring one more random posts widget with scrolling function. Hope you will like both. So, let start the tutorial.

Why And How To You Analyze Your Competitors?

Posted by | 33 comments
Analyze Your Competitors
Blogging is a free way to earn money but it takes hard work and patience. But before starting a blog for earning money online, you will need some inspiration. So, from where you will get inspiration, from your competitors. In the online world, your competitors are sites that are similar to yours in terms of topic, products or services. Online competitive analysis involves finding the strategies your competitors are using to promote their product or services on the internet. It involves finding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This information will help you to outsmart your competitors and make you more profit.

How To Choose Best And Brandable Domain Name For Your Website

Posted by | 18 comments
Choosing Best Domain Name
Have you ever skipped over a site because the site was using free sub-domain and had nothing to do with what you were looking for? I know a domain name can make or break you. By picking a great .com url for your site, you'll make it easy for people to get an idea of what your site is about and for them to remember your name. Well, Every newbie question "how to choose best domain name for website". Not only best but also the brandable domain name. So, here is full guide for choosing great domain name for your site.

5 Ways To Engage Visitor With Your Blog And Compel Them To Visit Again

Posted by | 24 comments
People Watching Laptop
Today, I want to give you easy techniques that can help increase interaction on your site. I am personally implementing these on my blog. Every bloggers want their site engaged and popular but some of them get succeed. This is not because that they don't know how to blog. But, they don't know how to interact visitors with your blog and also compel them to visit again. So, here are the some strategies that I personally use and you should try these.

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