4 Awesome Techniques To Write Popular Post

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Write Popular Post, Popular Post, Techniques To Write Popular PostI think, many of you already know some techniques to make your blog popular. If those techniques will be different from mine then share those in comments please. New ways in blogging concept always come every period of time, and you will notice that the ideas which are used in the previous year have been changed now and it will again change in the coming year. But to stand first in the competition, you have to evolve yourself new techniques test them and have to examine how they work.

The best way to get ideas for this is to check your some popular old posts and you will surely find awesome techniques. What was difference in them and why are they most interesting for your readers? Why did they get shares, Likes, tweets, etc?

While searching on the web, you will notice some common similarities among all popular contents like catchy headlines, paragraphing contents, lengthy post etc. All these techniques make post popular. Many of popular blog have list of most popular post on their sites, check them and you will find common things. Now, let’s get in the deeper.

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Take Time to Research.

Readers are on your blog for valuable contents. They take time to read your post and in against they want meaning something. It means you have to provide a level of value in your post. So, you have to take time for it. The time you take more you will refine, format and enrich your post with some great value.

I and you also often heard that “a blog can only be successful with a daily post updates”. But, it is too hard publish a valuable and resourceful content on your blog daily. So, only a blog can be successful with valuable and resourceful contents.

Headline Matters a Lot.

 What about content without a catchy headline? Will I or anyone click on that headline? You have to need these two things. A reader will only click on headline if it gives some information about your post. Post get traffics depend on the powerful tune the headline plays into the reader’s ear.

A good example can be seen in newspaper. Just a four to five words headline make force you to read whole article without stopping at a single place. Without a catchy headline, you will neither get readers nor traffics.

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A killer headline includes:

  • How To.... (Give solution to something).
  • Numbering... (Giving tip, trick, technique, idea etc. Like 10 tips to).
  • Why.... (Giving cause of something).

The above format may not be applicable for all post. The content of the post will determine the headline with suitable format. Check other headlines which have worked for you earlier. Keep optimizing you post headline until you get something awesome.

Deliver What Your Readers Want.

You have got their attention but now you have to deliver what you have promised in your headline even something more than you readers’ expectation. If your post does not give what readers expect while reading headline then they will feel bore and loose interest in your blog. Most people want easy method and some want solution for their “how to”, so why not you give them.

For preventing readers’ interest while reading post, support your blog’s content with sub-heading structure. It is suitable for long post. Readers will get a short summary before they read.

Here are some techniques to use:

  • Convey the main message, i.e. overall feeling of post.
  • Try to become funny sometimes.
  • Paragraph your post, each of 4-5 lines.
  • Give a sub-heading, if topic is changed.
  • Each sub-heading should have interesting and valuable keywords.

Your Readers Make Your Post Popular.

The popularity of your post depends on the interest of your readers. It means value of post presenting before readers. If they like or found it to be valuable, helpful then it is sure that they will share it. Some of the popular posts are the ones which help someone or teach them to do something what they have always wanted. You have to give them reason why they will share your post?

I think I have delivered what I have promised, if not then tell me please, I have used these techniques in this post and your opinion will help in understanding.

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