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How about a tutorial on how to get your blogspot noticed by other. I'll tell you how to get traffic by using awesome techniques. My last post is 'How To Use Sticky Post Option In Wordpress'. If you write a post and you have no ranking in search engine then how will you get traffic for your blog. How to get those posts the first bit of attraction?

Q. what causes people and google to look in your direction?

A. links, specifically, links in the right places, relevant links.

When google sees a link it follows it to see where it goes. It also pays attention to where the link appears and what words the link uses. (and yes, even after penguin and panda links still count and what other links appear on the page and target page and what appears on those and so on .. kinda like the movie Inception except it's not dreams within dreams, it's links)

These things matter

  • Anchor text.
  • From where to get the link.
  • Where the link points.
  • all the other stuff.

Anchor Text

Before you start, choose your anchor text. That's the underlined linkable text, the bit of text that people click. That should be your main keywords or words that describe the post. It's how google determines what the link is talking about before it gets there, if it's relevant. 

Your post titles are like your anchor text. especially so when they appear on blog comments or in search result listings. try to avoid using words like "click here" or "see this post" when you're writing and linking to a post. instead, use a more creative way of introducing the link.

eg. I learned how to *adjust my rear derailleur* come and see


I managed to *fix my slipping gears on my bike*

Now To Get The Relevant Link

You can get relevant links by searching about keywords that belongs to your blog's niche. You can comment their by following above examples, all the readers will find your comment attractive and will click the link which you will include in your comment. 

Another way to include link in your comment is by commenting on commentluv enabled sites. Commentluv plugin is a way by which bloggers reward their readers by allowing them to link to their latest post in their comment. It's been phenomenally successful, just over half a million downloads from successful.

For now though, you can get backlinks on relevant sites by commenting on commentluv enabled sites. There are 10's of thousands of commentluv enabled sites. I will post some commentluv enabled sites which have higher pagerank.


Don't just blast comments everywhere! there's a knack to getting your comments noticed and not spammed. I'll tell you in more detail about that on another post.

Remember, google is looking for words on the page that are related to your anchor text and the words on the page to where that leads. Just links are ok, but links on pages with words and phrases that are related to your page - better! so go ahead, go and use search engine.


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