A Key To Increase Sales In Online Marketing

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The idea is that people don't buy "What" you do, but "Why" you do it. This strategy will guide you to increase sales in online marketing. That's how successful brands like Apple have attained cult-like status (and record-breaking profits). But what does this have to do with online marketing? Before SEO, before social media, and before email marketing, you need to be clear on your "Why". This is the foundation for everything else. Because it doesn't matter if you’re a product or service company. You’re selling the same thing: 

A Solution To Someone’s Problem. 

People don’t buy your product, they’re buying a cure. It will either take away their pain, or fulfill some aspiration. So ask yourself, What are the specific benefits of your service/product that will compel people to take action? And then, What is the end result, or outcome your service/does does for their lives? Sometimes it's quantifiable like increase revenue by a certain dollar amount or percentage. 

But a lot of times, it's qualitative like reducing stress or increasing discretionary time. Then use concrete language, and vivid examples to paint a realistic picture. Avoid jargon and other industry buzzwords at all cost. Because real people, your clients and customers, don't care about those. So before you can proceed to TACTICS like increasing SEO rankings, improving your conversion rates or starting new advertising techniques, get clear on your: 

Target Market + End Result Your Service/Product gives them

I'll be in touch soon to give you some more in-depth, actionable tips to increase traffic and revenue. You'll find out how to use timeless marketing strategies to generate consistent returns, how to set-up "marketing systems" to do the work for you, the simple 20% of SEO factors that will give you 80% of the return, how to create "viral" marketing campaigns, and why most social media advice is DEAD WRONG (and what to do instead).

My next post will be about 'From Where Should You Find Your Audience'.

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