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Get 1st On Google
If a site is not on the first page of Google, It is sure that website is invisible. Only 10% of the internet surfers try to go to second page. So, how about a tutorial that help you to rank your post in 1st page of Google Search. You will happy and also get a lot of traffic. So, right now do it to make your blog popular in the internet and get traffic and new readers for your blog.

Here it is, Straight To The Point

  • 1st - Present your content (how to do this is below)
  • 2nd - Get the post published on social sites (you already know how to do this)
  • 3rd - Get and make comments (you should know how to do this already)
This is one part of a whole set of parts that you will need to get and keep a place on googles first page for a term. You need to make sure you have your keyphrase density set right. More importantly, you cannot have it too dense, that triggers warning flags. And it doesn't look nice to read to have keywords and phrases all over the place but nothing else. 

I'd rather not worry about keyword density. It sounds like one of those buzz terms that sellathon presenters use! Trouble is, it can make a difference to help or hinder if you do it wrong. Luckily there is a tool that can help you get the right balance, something you can use. 

You could do a course on SEO or spend money on a consultant but we all know that's not gonna happen! Here's a tool That can gives you actionable advice, right there in front of your eyes, advice on every post you make - as you make them. It's called SEO Pressor and you will love it!

Q.  Will it cost?
Ans. Yes, It will cost you something. You can see price on their site.

I really recommend you get it for your wordpress site, just save a post as a draft regularly as you write it and it updates itself to let you know what you can do to make your post much more likely to rank for your chosen term. Here's the link:

As soon as you have your post published and seopressor has given you a green score for the content move to step 2 that means getting your post on social sites: twitter, facebook, google+ and another others that you're a member of.

This triggers google to seeing it as new information about the keywords you're using combine this with some comments on commentluv enabled sites and use the post as the one you link in the comment, (how to get your comments accepted and noticed) That's exactly what I did to get on page 1 of google for my chosen term within one hour. Told you it was easy! talk to you all soon.


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