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Attracting Readers To Your SiteBlogging is all about writing isn't? And if your writing is bad this is something that need to be attended to seriously! You communicate to your readers via your writing and you cannot compromise on mediocre writing. You don't have a significant amount of time to capture your readers' heart!

And you know what? You've got only about 3-5 seconds to capture readers' attention. If you succeed in grabbing attention of readers in this 3 seconds, then the time will increase to about 20 seconds or more. How? I mean, readers will excite to read more. So, what you have to give a closer concentration to first paragraph. And then you have to work hard for your post.

Well, What Should Have In Your Post?

  • Your headlines have to be catchy.
  • The first line of the post REALLY needs to grab readers' attention.
  • Your post needs to be well formatted so that "barely a glance" should say it all.
Well, don't panic! Here's a tutorial that will help you. Your writing should be good and powerful. It is your primary tool for blogging. So keep it sharp and ready. But, what if you are new in your niche and your name does not create any interest. Answer is simple, you have to make a relationship with readers. Read this post: Find A Lot Of Loyal Readers In Your Niche.

Second is use of commenting skill on other sites in your niche. Try to ask a valuable and attracting question to the author which makes his readers to take interest in you. I have already provided a helpful tutorial on this topic: Get Traffic And Readers By Commenting.

Writing Also Matters

This is not enough. Don't write post without checking grammar. Means, you should take care on spelling and also grammar. Readers can get confused and after a while, they will bore and leave your site in just a minute. So, I hope you will not do any mistake for your next post.

At last, you should know that I don't know English and using of grammar so well. Try to remind me where I have done any mistakes either in spelling or in grammar. After all we are here to help each other.


  1. Hope is truly the driving force in us all. Finding someone you believe in, and who believes in you braids that hope into success.

    1. Thanks for your unique quotation and for your comment.


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