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Social Media LogosThe marketing efforts of a business can be the deciding factor in whether a business prospers or fails.  Though most businesses these days have at least a small presence online, there are still many brick and mortar businesses that have not taken advantage of the benefits which online marketing and social media can bring to their business. Social media websites have become a vital marketing tool that many businesses are using to gain customer loyalty.  By using social media, a business shows its customers that they have interaction with them beoynd just face-to-face transactions. It can also be used to let customers know about a new product, a new service, or an upcoming special.

If you really stop and think about it, most customers of any business are already online. So why not let them start talking about your business, your products and your service?  Word of mouth goes a long way, whether it is conducted in person or online.  If you provide valuable content through your social media usage, you will gain a reputation as being an expert in your niche. By keeping your customers updated on your business you will surely gain customer loyalty and experience more growth.

Visibility is the key to being online and an online presence will turn online relationships into walk-in customers. Google search results can bring you lots of business when customers are searching for information. If a business is not online, there is no chance at all that they will be found.

Here Are Some Tips How Can You Drive Traffic From Social Media.

First, Always Be Active.
It means, you have to spend time on social media sites and do some updates. So, your follower will come to know that you are there. Socially active will let your customer be more active with you. Always announce news about new and upcoming events.

Make Your Site Social Friendly.
You should add social widget on your sites which can tell your customer that you are social person and you are on social media sites. You can add facebook fan box, google follower box, twitter follower box and many more. Also add a feed box of your favorite social media site. Get a widget: 3 in 1 (Google+, Facebook, Twitter) Fan Box For Blogger.

Encourage Your Audience.
Make your audience on your site to like your post and do social activity. I mean add a social media sharing widget below your post or floating social media widget in the side or below a widget below post titles. As you like, where you want to add.

Focus on Engagement.
Try to post different updates relating to your niche. I mean post a different topic and observe where you get maximum clicks also post on different day or time in a week and observe. This is just like split testing.

Social is a great way of getting traffic to your site. Try it and you will get enough traffic from here but just remember it takes time to achieve something.


  1. The marketing efforts of a business can be the deciding factor in whether a business prospers or fails.


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