How To Use Google+ Commenting System On Blogger

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Google+ Comments In Blogger, Integrate Google+ Comments SystemKeeping blog comment section like a conversation was a big challenge to bloggers. Keeping conversation going on your blog make it more engaging and let other readers to join your blog. So, why google decided to integrate Google+ with blogger comment section. Before it google integrated google+ share button to blogger dashboard. Through it, you can easily share automatically new post on google+.

Google has also improved template designer in blogger. And now this, it means Google wants to make a great difference from Wordpress as a controversy of best blogging platform between Blogger and Wordpress. Google is not only helping bloggers also it wants to play a major role in social media.

This feature will not activate on its own, you have to activate it. Once activated, it will integrate with blogger and make your blog more engaging. Now, comments on Google+ and blogger will integrate, then you will see two types of comment. Let suppose, someone has shared your post to his Google+ and other are commenting on that then it will nicely integrate in your blog. This will help you and other people to see what other people are thinking about you blog.

 Expand Your Reach.

 A great advantage of this integration is that, you can grow a new audience for your blog. Just like other social media, when you share post on facebook or Google+. It show on your news feed and on news feed of people having you in their circle. So. you can make new audience from this system.

Readers Privacy

Google has not made any mistake in this system like facebook. You have a option for your privacy settings. Readers have option to choose if they want to show their comments to specific circle. So, people have a choice to visible their comments or not.

Integrating Google+ Commenting System On Blogger.

Google has already made it easy. Login to your blogger account and follow these instructions.
  • Find and click on Google+ Tab on your blogger's dashboard.
  • Click on Enable Google+ Comments. 
Google+ Comments, Integrate Google+ Comments, Google+ Comments In Blogger

Wait and Read

There is an important point to note that this system will not work on custom templates or newer templates. You have to add some tweaks to your templates for this integration. Subscribe to email updates to know it when it will available on my blog.

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