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Blogger always introduced new changes. This time you will find a different design of template section in blogger. Other section has no change, as I have not found anything. If you have found, comment below. I am eager to know. Now, lets get to the point.

What Is New Here

Blogger has not made a big changes but the changes will help bloggers too much especially new bloggers. Now, when you click on Edit Template, you will see a new interface like below:

Main changes:
  1. You can easily jump to the desire widget section. You have to click on jump to widget option and choose where you have to reach. That's easy.
  2. You don't have to click on expand widget because there is no option for this. hahahaha....... Only you have too click on arrow which is left to the widget and your widget will get expand.
  3. A new and best change is number of column, if you are using default template from blogger. It will be easy to get help from blogger experts from now.
Now, its your time to give suggestion what is your suggestion, comment below.


  1. Thanks for informative post. I am pleased sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what I was looking for. Just I want to say: Thank you!

    1. Really, it will help all bloggers in finding code of specific widget in seconds.

    2. thats very impormative man,
      could you visit my blog,
      there any good game and fresh article

    3. Thanks Ryan, but I don't like games if you have any smart apps for android. You can tell me.

  2. Good Blog, Keep Blogging!

  3. Control Key and G Opens up a search box. You can paste in the bit you are looking for and it is highlighted, really handy. And Great Blog Abhishek I have used a lot of your tips.

    1. I think you are telling this trick for searching in whole site. But remember this will not work if you are searching something in template code. As blogger has removed expand widget option and replace it with a arrow, which you had noticed. Please read full post again for steps to search in template code.


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