7 Things You Should Not Do In Blogging

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According to surveys, more than 100,000 blogs are setup every day. But only a few of them gets success. Mostly newbie bloggers are vulnerable to mistakes which can be the reasons about failure of their blogs. But remember you are not going to try something new if you have not made any mistakes. The best way of avoiding these mistakes is learn from experienced people. Below given reasons are deadly mistakes that can end your blogging career before starting. It is not necessary that these are only reasons, if you know any other, comment below.

1. Doing Mistakes In Content Is Worst.

Most common and terrible mistakes that every newbie bloggers do is to steal content of others. They think that it is good to see a lot of posts on their blog and their sites will get quickly index in search engines and get higher page rank and alexa rank. Having copied content on site will let your site to be penalized by search engines.

Other mistake is bad writing, it can reduce your readers. Web surfers come to blog for information what they want. They want something that they can read easily and understand. Post with lot of grammatical errors make post difficult to read which will leave a bad impact on readers. Always use spell-check even grammar check and read full post before making visible it to the world.

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2. Blogging Is All About Money.

Most bloggers setup blogs to earn money but blogging is not only for money. It’s a way of exchanging ideas. I am not saying to stop monetization on your blog but examine your blog before monetizing it. Newbie bloggers are eager to make money from blogging. It seems to be easy but it is not easy at all. It takes patience and time if you want to succeed in blogging. Remember, behind every successful bloggers, they are sleepless night and restless days.

3. No Knowledge about SEO.

Every blogger wants his blog ranking higher in search results but without SEO it is waste of time. You have to learn Basic SEO if you are eager to get success. As a blog, major traffic is depended on search from search engines. It is waste of everything if there is no one to read.

We know, content is king because without it, a blog will not get a single traffic from search engines. But, many bloggers focus on backlinks instead of content. It is also seen that quality backlinks by buying it, but it is number one way to get your blog penalized in search engines.

4. Blogging for Money without Patience.

Most bloggers are blogging for only for money without patience and determination. For succession in blogging, you need a lot of patience and determination. If you are one of them, don’t worries remember it from now. There will be a lot of challenges during blogging.  It is true that what about a blog, which does not give you anything. But, you should put this as secondary; fulfilling your readers’ desire should be your primary aim.

5. Focusing Too Much On Backlinks.

It is necessary that your site should have a lot of good backlinks. Backlinks increase your chances of indexing your blog in major search engines. But, before making backlinks you should have a number of good quality content. Nobody will link to a low-quality site which has not any good content. If you have good contents then your site will automatically get backlinks from other sites in your niche. Yes, you can get high backlinks by buying it from links farm, but it is the sure-fire way to penalized by search engines.

Another way to get good backlinks is commenting on site in your niche websites. But many newbie do a major mistake during commenting. They usually comments small and pointless talk and put a link to their sites. This will not give you either traffic or backlinks but discourage other readers from visiting your blog.

6. Responding to Comments on Your Blog in A Wrong Way.

First, before I start on this topic, I want to suggest you that blog credibility and popularity are judged by comments on your blog. But, for showing your blog engagement, you should not accept your all comments on your blog. You can easily see on new blog that it has almost all comments like ‘nice tips’, ‘great tips’, and ‘helpful posts’ etc with a hyperlink. It gives no value to your blog and sometimes it considered as paid links by Google.

Now, come to the point, while responding to comments on your blog, you mostly reply likes ‘thanks’, ‘it’s my pleasure’ and other small things. You should stop this immediately, because if you want to interact readers with your blog, you should respond to comments thoughtfully. If something is asked by readers that you don’t know then make a research before it then respond.

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7. Checking Blog Statics Every Hour.

It is a good idea to see your blog analytics, but overdoing this can harm your passion. Checking blog statics every hour can only poison your encourage. If you will see increase in traffic you be happy, but what if you will get decrease in traffic, then you be sad and I think this will make you to stay far from blogging.

Blogging is not only to publish post and making backlinks, it is more than that. In all of these, which mistakes you have done, comment below and share it.

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