How To Manage Your Blog Post During Exam?

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When exams are going on, it is difficult to write post and to publish on blog. In fact, I stopped publishing post during exam. That’s why my site went down in search engine and also traffic became less. Now, I am again posting article regularly so situation will be better in the coming days.

During exam, I was worried for it. This is the tension of all bloggers. You want to know how to manage your blog during exam times. Then follow these tips and surely you will get help from these ideas. These ideas are not mine, I got it from somewhere and now I am giving this to you.

What Happens In the Blogging World During Exam.

No Blogging Can Cause Your Site.

If you are not blogging during exam, this can damage your site a lot. I have got this problem, in the previous exams I absolutely stopped to blog and the results came that my site went down in search engine lists and thus my blog was not getting lot of traffics. Second problem that will occur is rising in bounce rate. Because your readers will not fresh contents and leave your site in a minute.

Competition Becomes Less During Exam Time.

Almost all bloggers either they are probloggers or small bloggers, they become engage during exam. And it is the time when you get a golden opportunity to do something different. You can post 5-6 posts a week and comment on their blog to get valuable readers and traffic. This will rank your blog high and you will get a lot of traffic from search engines as you know search engines loves updated site.

How to Manage Your Blog during Exam?

Make Some Advance Post For Exam Times.

Write some (about 7-8) posts in advance for exam. So, you have to only do some adjustment and that’s it, you have published an article. Don’t publish article everyday, 2-3 posts are enough for a week. Spend maximum 1-2 hours daily and I am sure you will not study for the whole day.

It means, for posting 3 posts a week, you only have to give 3 days. So, the rest 4 days will give you opportunity to do some extra research and to make a new post for the coming days. In these 4 days, you can surely make 1-2 posts.

Get Stunning Ideas for Writing Blog Post.

Yes! It is difficult to use your brain in two places during exam. You will concentrate your mind on study only. But, I know a way to get ideas for writing posts. Try to read your previous posts and capture some related article which have almost same topic (e.g. traffic). The other way is to read blogs of other people in your niche.

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Take Advantages Of Readers, Friends Or Competitors.

If you can’t do the above two things then you can use guest posting technique. You can ask your any readers, friends or a blogger to guest post on your blog for some days and of course you will get.

Now, it’s your turn to tell which one idea is best and suitable for you, comments soon.

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