3 Ways To Boost Email Subscribers Even If You Are A Newbie

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increase email subscriber, email list buildingI think you have read my previous post “why should you choose start email marketing”. If you have read then you are here to know how to get lots of subscribers in small days. Imagine, if you have thousands of subscribers then it is sure that you will get about 800-900 traffic from your valuable readers. But, the main problem is that you how you will get more subscribers. It means how you will increase you subscription rate. Subscription rate is a matter of concern of all bloggers. A good number of subscribers reflect the quality of a blog. It is not only your readers but also a way of generating more income.

In online marketing, getting subscribers is often referred as ‘list building’ as the subscribers email address is stored in a list with their name. Also, there are other subscribers who subscribe to your blog for update through RSS feed using a RSS reader like Google Reader and Microsoft Outlook. First of all, you should have a email sign up form embedded in your site so that people can subscribe to your site. Now, for increasing subscription rate, here are some few tips which can do this.

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Provide Quality Content

First of all, it is a need of your readers to get some new tips when they visit your blog daily. Updating your blog will give you help in increasing subscribers. People will not subscribe for your blog if they will not notice that you are awesome. Your content will tell visitors that you guy know something. So, update your blog daily with quality content. Further, visitors would have already subscribed to similar blogs. You have to show them why they should subscribe for your blog.

Show Off with Your Readers

Sometime it is good to show off. If you let them know that how many subscribers you have will motivate them to give a try and let subscribe to your blog. This can be done through feedburner widget as I know many of the blogger uses feedburner for email marketing. Remember, only do this when you have enough subscribers. Some people subscribe after seeing a good amount of subscribers on a blog. Anyway, you can make false feedburner widget to show off.

Free Offers, Giveaways or Contest

I have seen many bloggers give freebies in return of subscription. You can offer ebook to download. Oh, I am sorry; you are new to blogging, how you will make an ebook in the starting of your blogging life. So, why do not you offer to download other famous ebook in your niche? Or, you can offer them to give coupons in market of your niche. Like, my blog is about blogging, seo and technology. I can offer coupons for domain purchasing or domain hosting and coupons for buying computers and Smartphone.

Some Points

  • Update your blog regularly.
  • Be friendly and keep communicating with your readers.
  • Put your subscription forms in a noticeable place.
  • Recover Unverified Email Subscribers.
  • Ask People to Subscribe.
  • Check for Your Subscription Broken Link.
  • Use your RSS feed link when Commenting.
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Note that nothing will work if you do not have good amount of traffic. You must first concentrate on traffic first. These three tips are basic tips that can bring more subscribers but some other known tips have been excluded. What are those? Will you tell me? I am waiting for your comment.


  1. Thanks for sharing, This will for sure help newbie in boosting email subscribers as well as increase blog traffic.

    1. Yes! As you more people to send your blog update and you will surely get traffic through them.


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