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I think many of you have already read this. The aim behind writing this article is to tell you that I have purchased a custom domain and added it successfully to blogger. While doing this I faced problem in understanding ‘CNAMES’ and ‘A’ Records. So,, I google for it and I got quick guide for it. Now, you will think that why should you know about this if you are not planning for buying a domain. Then you should know that if you are a blogger then someone will ask about it from you. So, you must know about this.

First of all why should you have a custom domain for blogger blog? provides free sub-domain and hosting for bloggers. But, what are the bad impacts of it on your readers. They may think that a man, who has not its own domain and not paying for hosting, is he serious for his blog. This has been faced by me, and therefore I bought Since, google has itself provide a guide for adding custom domain to blogger. Here, you will get this guide with screen shots.

You have to mainly do 4 things.

  1. Adding your custom domain to blogger.
  2. Getting domain name ownership verification token from blogger.
  3. Changing DNS (Domain Name System) settings.
  4. Verifying domain name ownership on blogger.

Don’t worry; you will get a full tutorial. You should have a google account for blogger. Log in to

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1. Adding Custom Domain Name to Blogger

1. Go to, log in.

2. Now, select to which blog you want to add this domain. (If you don’t have any blog, first create.)

3. Go to selected blog’s “Setting > Basic”

4. Under the publishing section, click “Add custom domain”.

add custom domain

5. Now go to “Advance Setting” type your new domain URL.

Switch To Advance Setting

6. Click “Save” button. Then blogger will display this error “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. Please follow the settings instructions”.

2. Getting Your Domain Ownership Verification Token

1. Now you will be redirected to google page “How do I use a custom domain name for my blog?”

2. On this page, tick the “On a top-level domain (” option.

3. Once you’ve chosen an option, setup instructions appear. Then you will see something like screen.

Getting Domain Ownership Verification Token

4. Copy the two highlighted code on this page. Remember, your code will be different from this. Every code is unique for verifying each unique domain.

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3. Changing DNS Setting

1. Go to your domain name registrar’s “DNS console” panel and log in.
2. Click on “Host Records” option. I have snapped a picture godaddy DNS Setting page.

DNS Setting

3. Now, you have to add CNAME.
  • For Host Name/Label field, enter “www” without quotes and
  • For Address/Destination/Target field, enter “ghs’’” without quotes.
4. Now, add another CNAME, this is for domain ownership verification.
  • For the host field, enter the first code you get in step 2.4. e.g: “ktgu7eyudrsm”
  • For the destination field, enter the code you get in same steps (2.4). e.g: ““
Remember don’t use this code, use your own generated code.

Changing CNAMES In DNS Setting

5. Now you have to add “A-Records”. This is for redirecting your site from naked domain to www domain, i.e. theproblogging to 

6. You have to add 4 separated “A-Records”, pointing to the following Google IP addresses.
7. Enter each IP into an “Address” field, in the corresponding “Host Name” field, enter “@” without quotes. 

Adding Google A-Records

8. Finally click “Save” button and wait for a few minutes to update your new DNS Setting. Here, you have done two major steps, first changing DNS Setting and Verifying Domain Name Ownership.

Finally, Update Your Blogger Settings

1. Come back to, “Setting > Basic > Publishing” and again enter your domain name with “www”.

2. Check “redirect” box.

Succefully Added Custom Domain To Blogger

3. Now, click “Save” button and done, you have successfully added a custom domain to blogger. If you face any problem, I will do it for free, comment below.

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