How To Publish Your Blog On Amazon Kindle?

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Publishing On Amazon Kindle
Amazon's Kindle is currently the world's most popular book commerce site. Many business professionals will find it convenient to publish on Kindle as it has a reliable stream of customers who they can get their content in front of. Kindle is not only built to provide content, but also to help publishers sell.  This is done easily because of the site's dedication to providing their users with top-quality published material. Being linked into Amazon is an extraordinary opportunity.

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon fares really well against Ebay and other online shops around the world as they have a wide selection of product categories to choose from including unique books and published content that is hard to find. Amazon also has a high page rank, which gives it's publishers more visibility online- especially in search engines. Being on Kindle will create business credibility along with its soaring page ranks and positive reviews from its millions of users.

First, Why Should You Make Use Of Kindle.

Kindle has been already proved a way to get valuable traffic and readers for people who have a blog. You have to invest only five minutes and here is the things which you will get in return.

Interested Readers in Your Niche.

Millions of people are using Kindle now and it's sure that you can pull readers to your blog. The main question is that will people subscribe for your blog. Answer is Yes! Why not, if they have to pay only 0.99$ for subscribing a blog. But, it's also true that not all people subscribe because they have already free blogs for reading.

Improvement in SEO.

I know, you will definitely ask how can Kindle can increase your SEO performance. You are not going to directly benefited by Kindle but Amazon is an authority in the eyes of Google and it gives your blog a value if your blog is listed there. Even if you haven't a single subscriber but surely your blog will get traffic.

Little Income.

As I have said there is no option for providing your blog free subscription on Kindle, The minimum amount that people have to pay is 0.99$ further you can increase your subscription rate. So, you are going to make a little income from your blog also. But, remember this, Amazon only pays 30% of your total income.

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How To Publish Blog On Kindle.

After reading the benefits, I am sure that you want to give a try and why not these are the things that every bloggers want- Reputation, Traffic and Money. Here's the steps you have to follow for publishing your blog on Kindle.

1. Go to this link and sign up for creating a new account on Amazon Kindle.

2. After signing up, log in to account and click on 'Add Blog'.

3. If you encountered a problem during adding your blog don't worry, just click save and you are done.

Note:- At present, Amazon Kindle is offering only for US and UK bloggers.

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