Why Should You Choose To Start Email Marketing?

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Email MarketingStarting a blog is not so easy task as it is a work of five minutes, but it is difficult to get traffic and make a one time visitor as your permanent visitor. A newsletter lets you contact your readers directly, and vice versa, through email and that is the key to build a strong relationship with blog readers. As, there are many tips given by almost all bloggers “how to get traffic, how to make lots of readers” and so on but one the most hidden technique I found is email marketing (email list building). This is hidden but this technique is used by all expert bloggers, right? So, why can’t we do? Yes, of course, so let’s get start.

A Mailing List is all it needs. You need to start your own email newsletter and capture your visitors email address. If you want to make the really big bucks from your blog, you need to get a mailing list. That’s why I wrote this article to make you known about the power of email marketing.

First, Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Over the last years, email marketing has been started to use widely by bloggers, individuals and affiliate marketers. This has been only possible because email marketing has proved itself as most effective marketing channels online. Email reach directly to the subscribers’ inbox. If you will handle this carefully then you can make a good relationship between you and your readers. The last and most point, people will subscribe to you only if they believe on you. It means if you will recommend something then they will surely like with closed eyes.

Some Facts about Email Marketing
  • 60% increase in email marketing budget in 2012
  • 4000% ROI for email
  • 93% of all internet users send and read email. Email is the most popular activity online.
  • 75% of adults prefer interacting with brand and businesses via email

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Let’s Understand It with an Example

I think now you have understood about importance of email marketing. Now, I am giving you example, this example is not mine. Surely someone will recognize it if he/she has habit of subscribe to interesting blog. Come to point. Two friends, Mark and John started blog at same time. After few months, Mark had 1000 unique visitors and 3000 email subscribers while John had also 1000 unique visitor but 1000 RSS subscribers. They started to sell same eBook on their blog.

Now, tell me who would have generated more income. Sure, it was Mark because he has list of subscribers to whom he can directly email but this was not for John he would had to post an article regarding his new book on his blog for which it is not sure that the all 3000 RSS subscribers would saw that.

So, What Do You Need for Email Marketing?

Now, I am sure about this you have now convinced with my advice. So, you want to start email marketing. Well, it is easy to start. You should have an email service provider and some techniques to start this. What you have to get success?
  • Email Service Provider.
  • Getting Subscribers.
Don’t worry, you will get a complete help for these two topics, subscribe to stay updated whenever It will be published. This is an introduction to email marketing. Remember one thing like other business; this also requires hard work and dedication. If you have any doubt comment, I think we all together can solve any problem.

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