3 Branding Tips To Make Your Blog Awesome

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Make Blog Awesome
Well, it's kind of simple. Write awesome content and you'll build a loyal stream of readers. Now, I know that you've heard that before, believe me, it probably frustrates the heck out of you. You just want to know how to write awesome content. Well, it turns out that people really don't like reading instruction manuals and textbooks. They only wants the real ways which can really works. So, you must have a look on this post which have the same tips that are repeated for years. But, if you will find anything different, you must thanks me.

That's okay. The costly mistake is writing for the sake of writing. Your writing shouldn't be about how many words you used. You should focus on the meat and potatoes of what you want to say, and try to make your point as clearly as possible. If you just focus on that, you will be on your way to creating trust, and a profitable blog.

Writing Interesting Articles

Okay, keep these points in mind. They'll help your writing.
  • Get rid of the boring textbook writing (add some personality to your post).
  • Try to write like you speak (don't worry about punctuation and grammar too much).
  • Simplify your writing (use shorter paragraphs, focus on the meat and potatoes, and on action steps).
It really is that easy. Just make your writing clear, short and to the point. You'll go far.

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Getting to Influential Status with Social Media

Social Media is here to stay, so you need to learn how to use if effectively. The two largest Social Networks right now are Twitter & Facebook.Sidebar: (Google Plus is grow quickly, and what's working on Google Plus seems to be a hybrid of what works on Twitter and Facebook.)Both of these two social networks may have the same audience, but that audience likes to interact differently.


If you boil Twitter down, you'll notice that it's about sharing links and information. Successful tweets seem to be short and to the point. Those 140 characters will actually make you a better writer. You'll learn to throw away all the clutter, while focusing on what's important. Once your follower gets the gist of your Tweet and finds it interesting, they'll re-tweet it or click on your link. Just don't do the rookie mistake and only Tweet about yourself or your company. You'll never really grow your list of followers, and you'll just frustrate yourself.
Take these suggestions to heart, and don't become a Twitter Troll! Successful Twitter accounts add to a conversation, they focus on information and become useful to their followers. If you've been making these Twitter mistakes Just stop and follow this very easy guideline, and you'll start to build and grow your Twitter following.


Facebook is the most visited website in the world! Since most people use it to connect with friends and family, users can spend hours a day on Facebook. But you can't just put up your Facebook Fan Page and expect people to pour in. Now remember, Twitter was great for sharing links and interacting. Brands that do really well on Facebook, follow the standard social media guidelines of being interactive, but they are always adding photos and videos.

People on Facebook just love looking at photo galleries.They'll spend all day tagging and commenting on your galleries, best of all... everything that they do, their friends will know about it. It can really create a domino effect of traffic for you, and it works like that for every interaction that someone has with your page. If you want to take the most minimal approach to Facebook, post your news & be sure to upload photos and videos. Just uploading a gallery once a week will create a nice buzz effect for you.

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Building Your Email List, Building Dollars

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to build a profitable online business. It's so effective, because your readers are asking you for information. They actually want the information that you are sending them so it's much more likely that they will be receptive to any offers that you will be making. Your first step in building your list, is capturing your readers email address. You'll need permission to send them emails. 

And for this, the ultimate email list management provider is AWeber. AWeber has all the features that a professional email marketer would want and use. You are able to do email tracking and analytic. They have over 150 fully customizable emails templates. Another win for AWeber is it's affordable. Plans start out at around $19.

More sign-ups = more qualified leads.

Remember, these all will be fail if you can't interact with your readers. You must make your blog engaging so that they can come on your blog to discuss or to get help from you. And last but most important, have patience. Nothing is going to be get easily in this world, you have to work hard to achieve your goal.


  1. yeah you are right people want real ways which can really works i had read alot of post but sometimes it useless to read anything that wont work keep it up your good work we r here to support you always

  2. Hi Abhishek,

    Great tips my friend, focusing on writing quality content what makes the successful blog, but to make the best of your content you should also make sure you write catchy tittles.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't added it to the post. One time it came to my mind, but I have forgot to mention it. Well! here is atutorial for post title.

      5 Ways To Write Killer Headlines

  3. Nice tips buddy. I want to add couple of points to this list. If you are a blogger then you must have to join different blogging communities (not social networking) online as well as offline (non virtual, physically existing communities) and another point is that as a blogger you have to have some qualities or skills which you can sell to others, a blogger or general people, like web designing, development, SEO, marketing and that service must be related to your blog niche. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Yes buddy, you are right. A blogger must have something different from others. Thanks for your suggestion.

  4. Great tips for a blog to be awesome, and at the same time the effective use of all these points must be monitored as so many bloggers flooded most of the social networks for the sake of this headline...

    1. Thanks Adesanmi for your comment, hope more in future.

  5. Nice information you are providing here. Glad to read your post.

    1. Feels pleasure to see that I have helped someone. Thanks for your comment, keep visiting this blog my friend.

  6. Hi Abishek,
    This is really a great tips, writing quality and epic content makes every blogger a successful blog but to make the best out of our we most promote it with social network...

    1. Thanks Adesanmi for your great suggestion and I have provided all the tips that you have said.

      Thanks again for commenting, keep visiting. Happy Blogging!

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