3 Seo Mistakes That Every Bloggers Should Avoid

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SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoid
I think you know about SEO, it's a process in which a webmaster tries to make their website or web page rank higher during search engine results. If you know how to write interesting headlines that match best with your articles then you will soon make readers come back again and again. If you know how to make your site SEO friendly then you can rank your site better in search results. There are many techniques that are used to achieve this, but some webmasters tend to use these features incorrectly. Below is the big SEO mistakes that are carried out mostly.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing ranks as the biggest SEO mistake. This occurs when commonly searched words are indiscriminately repeated on a web page, some being completely out of context. Some clever webmasters try to hide these words inside images so that they are not visible to visitors. Using certain keywords in an article a certain percentage of the time is a strategy that is used by many when creating content. Using keywords to many times and using keyword stuffing to get an advantage in search engines will not work and the article will get penalized by the search engines.

It is best to keep keyword density at 2% or 3%. Sometime, without doing this famous black hat tactics you may have done in your earlier post. If you want to know the keyword density, go to google webmasters and you will get there.

Link Building In Wrong Way

Link building is the best way to get relevant backlinks to your site which can result in increase in pagerank and search results. But, some people often do it in wrong way. Remember never buy backlinks because search engines especially Google is smart to detect paid links. Sometimes, people create backlinks with same anchor but it seems spam in the eye of search engines.

It is better to get one backlink from a dofollow site rather than getting 100 backlinks from nofollow link. Instead of it you can comment on site in your niche which may give you a good amount of backlinks (dofollow) to your site. Here is the trick to get your comment noticed on other sites.

Duplicate Content

Another mistake is duplicating content from other sites. Some lazy individuals get content from other sites and use it in their own sites. Some may think themselves to be clever by using spinning tools to alter the context, but plagiarism is still wrong.You should aware that search engine is enough to intelligent to detect duplicate content and this can penalized in search results. First of all it causes to rank your site low in search engines and the same effect may be occur with other pages of site. You may also loose your valuable readers.


Above are the top three seo mistakes that every bloggers do especially newbie just like me. And after this there are lots of mistakes that are in front of your eyes but you neglect it. Here is the quick summary.
  • Not optimizing title in better way.
  • Giving no importance to meta tags & description.
  • No use of alt tags in images.
  • Leaving permalink unchanged.
  • Exchanging link with low quality or unrelated site.
  • Writing little content.
Yes! There will be more and I want to know that if you will tell, I will feel pleasure. And if you feel anywhere confuse comment below, I will be happy to help you.


  1. Very good points about SEO. With what Google is doing right now about cleaning the SERPs you really need to be careful about what you do to optimize your site.

    On duplicate content it has to do more with domains and ip. Having duplicate content on the same site has more bad effect than the same content on two different domains.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's a point which every bloggers don't understand. Duplicate content is more dangerous if found on same domain.

  2. Duplicate content is one of the most important things to avoid because duplicate content is counted in spamming and Google crawler can even penalized the website.
    As we all know that content provide information as well as knowledge about targeted content and Google opposes the bad content, no one want repeated content , so avoidance of duplicate content may survive your website.

    1. Yes that's why I have put it in my post. Today many newbie bloggers are doing this because for sometimes it will get your post rank well in Search but when it will be caught by Search Engines, It will be dropped down.

      Thanks for valuable suggestion, come again. Expecting more comments, Cheers!

  3. Duplicated contain may cause penalizing to website because Google crawler are very strict in content crawling if it get duplicate content it gives warning then even block the IP address.
    to avoid duplicate contain one must correct it or place an canonical tag which will makes the site invisible for the crawler.

    1. Yes, duplicate content does not mean from site to site. It can be internal. So, it is better to add rel='canonical' tag to the duplicate post.

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