3 Ways To Get Traffic Through Link Building

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Let's get some traffic. It's no good if no-one knows who you are. Your post have an email sign-up form at the end of, or a link to another related post. Now, this is very important. Readers are expecting to be led onto the next action. If you don't lead them. They will most likely be gone forever. Another way to turn those random visitors into repeat readers is by having them share your content.

Okay, so you now know what to do with the traffic that you are already getting so how do you get new traffic? This holds true in "real-life" as it does online. Network, Network and Network! Find blogs in your niche, that are about your size and network with them. Your blogs are probably not large enough, that your audience is overlapping. So if you build your relationship with that site, you stand a very good chance of doubling your audience.

Now just imagine, doing that over and over and over! Ha I can imaging how big your eyes must have just gotten! Why would you want to build a list, if my readers are already visiting my site? Well the short answer is that you will start to build a relationship with them. In exchange for their contact information, you'll be sending them special information and offers.

Relationship Building

This is the most powerful techniques to get traffic within your niche. How? Well, you have to find similar sites in your niche and make a good relationship with them. Don't go so high, start from base that means first making relationship with small bloggers and then slowly climbing to the top.

So, how can you make relationship? First, find similar site in your niche, both small ones (for making serious relationship) and big ones (to get inspire). Subscribe to their RSS, follow them on twitter and facebook and lastly give valuable comments on their site. It's like buttering the bread but it can help you to get good traffic.

Blog Commenting

This is my best and almost best way for every bloggers to drive traffic to their blog. Lots of tutorial you can find regarding this topic on web because almost all bloggers newbie and big ones do it. It can give you a good amount of traffic if you will write smart comments in right place at right time.

Most sites do not give dofollow backlinks but many still do. Write 10-20 comments on other sites, subscribe to their feed to get it available when new things arrive. First commenting give you more attention which is good for you.

Guest Posting

I think, if none of us will have not known this, this is the most used method to get quality backlinks to our site. After Google Penguin and Panda update, this technique is being rapidly used by bloggers, but you should be careful because Google is preparing to hit Guest Posting in its next update.

Guest Posting is easy, you have to make a good relationship with site owner and at the correct time provide him a quality content for guest posting. You will get one or two backlinks pointing to your site(use keywords in anchor text).

You Must Read

Now, you need to be careful here. I don't suggest that you have Twitter and Facebook buttons with counters, when you first start-off. It will be a sign of "negative social-proof" and that will kill you right off. Nothing builds a crowd, like a crowd. And if you don't have a crowd just yet don't let them know that. So have your visitors share your posts, but do yourself a favor at first, don't use share buttons with counters. The same goes with comments you should turn them off in the beginning.  Wait a few months before you let your visitors comment on your site.

It's your turn now to give valuable comments, if you found this article interesting and has helped you then you should comment. I will be happy to know that I have helped someone. Right?


  1. sorry but this is not usefull for me i have try it this things wont do a good for me and i want to kno w some really uselful way thanks for sharing

    1. I know your website is video site and of course it will not help you. But, you must try second one. Try to give valuable comments without having any your site link in that and I am sure people will eager to know, who are you that is giving such a attractive comment. Right?

  2. Abhished Bro in my opinion the best ethical and genuine way to increase blog traffics is the only guest posting and quality contents. what do you say.....thanks for this informative post

    1. Glad to see you here Hafeez bro, thanks for your comment. You are right that guest posting is best way to increase blog traffics as blog commenting is now becoming spam.

  3. Nice tips Abhishek. For me guest posting and blog commenting are best ways to grab traffic.

    1. Yes buddy, These are the best and only ways to get targeted traffic to your blog. Remember, Relationship building technique can surely help in getting noticed you around your niche.

  4. nice tips. really helpful thanks for sharing.

  5. Ya of course blog commenting and guest posting are powerful ways to get backlinks.

    1. Yes bro these are the best ways to get traffic, thanks for your comment. Wants more comments from you buddy, Cheers!

  6. Quality backlink is the backbone of every successful blog, many at times many bloggers judge blog ranking base on the backlink the blog has which is either generated from comment, guest blogging, forum, etc and all these are as well a reputable way to generate huge blog traffic. Nice share and thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Adesanmi for coming and commenting here. Truly said, many people judge your website on the basis of backlinks.

      Thanks again, Keep visiting. Happy Blogging!

  7. Nice article it gives me many advises and
    new tricks. Thanks
    SEO 24-7


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