5 Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

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Best Adsense Alternatives 2013After writing a negative post on adsense, I have to definitely write its alternatives to give before my readers. You should first check this, Why Adsense Is Hated By Bloggers. Well! this post is for the bloggers who have not get adsense account approve or their account have been disabled. Don't panic if you have faced this, there are still many ways in you can make money online. Indeed there is no any advertising network that can compete Google, but if you haven't adsense account then you should try these out.

These will not pay you like adsense but "something is better than nothing", right? You can also use these with adsense to monetize more your blog. But honestly, there is no anyone like Google Adsense and these are substitutes that you can use with or without it. I have found some alternatives to adsense and here is the 5 best researched advertising networks.


Today, Media.net is a leading contextual advertising company that provides wide variety of solutions for advertising and monetization. The advertising company that has become now 1st adsense alternative which can even used with adsense.

The only drawbacks of Media.net is its minimum payout that is 100$, which may takes sometimes to reach. But, if your site is getting most traffic from US then you will make this money in no time, they have great RPM for this country.


This advertising has launched in 2008 and touched the height of success in very short time. BuySellAds is best for blogging site and it is fully compatible along with adsense and chitika or in-text based networks. If your site is showing good stats then you can earn a decent money from your site. It directly connects you with advertiser and advertisers will decided if they want to advertise on your site or not. The minimum payment is 50$ which can be easily earned in a month.

Here is something that you may not like about this network, they manually approve your site based on alexa rank, pagerank and social media stats. Second, most ads comes in technology and blogging category, that means if your site is not in these niche then this is not for you.


This is another adsense alternative if Google has slapped you. Even you can use it with adsense, it does not disturb the other ads. The way in infolinks works is analyzing best keyword from your content and then underlining along with putting links. If your blog is getting decent traffic from US and Canada, you will make handsome amount of money from infolinks. The minimum payment is 50$.

Like other, it has also some drawbacks, the first one is that they check each site manually, even if you have a approved site earlier. So, you have to wait after submitting you site url for approving. Second one is Infolinks pays low CPC rate, if you are not getting most traffic from US and CANADA only.


Definitely, there is no any other ads network like Chitika. In functionality, it fully resembles with Adsense, that's why many bloggers are using it on their blog and even with adsense. This adsense alternative is most popular to newbie bloggers because of its minimum payment of 10$ which will takes about a month to reach threshold for payment.

Chitika also provides full control over your ads. You can customize your ads in your ways, like adsense. They pay high for US and Canada traffic. The drawbacks of this advertising network is that CPC rate is very low as compared to adsense and it works on search terms rather than content.

Sorry, but I have not found the 5th best adsense alternative that might be best. If you know that you can tell me. Comment with your thought, these are best alternatives or not. I will soon write an article for best adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs (for newbie bloggers), keep visiting or subscribe to feedburner to know when it will arrive.


  1. I also used www.qadabra.com, they have a $1 minimum payment with paypal

    1. Well! Qadabra is best for newbie. Soon, I am going to post an article for newbie bloggers. Thanks for your comment.

  2. very nice was wating for this and share more
    Watch chhota bheem All Cartoon

    1. Thanks Gulab, you have liked it. You were waiting for this.

  3. Nicely explain this topic. i am using adsence and infolinks both on my blog. i think infolinks is the best adsence alternative. other network also good.

    1. Yes, it's better to have a text-link ads on your site. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Yes You Have A Low TRaffice Blog Then USE www.qadabra.com
    I use the same on http://www.dailyindiadeal.com/

    1. Yes buddy, I'm using it on my blog or just checking it, whatever you can say, thanks for your comment. Hope more comments in future.

  5. Hi admin,
    Thanks for share your nice and valuable article post. I apply for Google Adsense many times but not approved. So, i am searching alternative ads Google Adsens. BuySellads is very suitable and easy way.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks for your comment buddy, and don't call me admin, Abhishek is better.

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