5 On Site Factors To Make Your Site Fully SEO Optimized

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5 On Site SEO Factors, Fully SEO Optimized
We're going to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) "Whoa now, that sounds a bit technical!" You say, well don't worry about it. It's not all that complicated. Once you've got the basics down and remember to follow some simple steps, you'll be good to go. So, what is SEO? Simply put, it's aligning your website's content so that your site is ranked highly on search engine. After all, every sites on internet depend on search engine for their business. Here's the researched article that can surely help you in getting your listed in search engines high.

Title Matters A Lot

I don't have to tell you much about title. Just you should know, title of the page attract attention of the readers and seo too. It is considered as the most important factors of a website that decide your site rank in the eyes of your readers and search engines. Title is the first thing that search engine focus on to know what is your post is all about. The same thing happens with your readers, they decide to read a long article, only after looking on the title.

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Research Before Posting Each Post

Lets talk about your blog posts. A well made blog post starts with conducting a bit of keyword research. You can use Google's Keyword Tool to do a little searching and make sure people are looking for what you're writing about. The point here is to find a balance between a decent amount of people search but not too much competition. You can find the competition by searching the term through Google and checking for the number of results.

Once you've got the term or phrase, write your article. Now a lot of people go ahead and stuff the term every where in the article this isn't effective. You should include the term in your article, but its better to write a clear, coherent article that is based on the key term. You want people to get value from it! Finally, be sure to include this keyword in the post title, title tags and meta description of your blog.

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Set SEO Friendly Permalink With Some Key 

Lets talk a bit more about your site. Change your Permalinks setting to have URLs that are human readable. This turns out to be a great SEO tool as well. If the URL of a page or article on your site is what someone is searching on Google, it will rank better! So, your url must contain almost the same keywords that you have in title. It's very easy to customize the url in blogger and wordpress. I think you might know.

You Must Interlink Posts

The next step is interlinking, or linking pages and posts within your site to other pages in your website. The more links a page has going to it the better, so make sure you are connecting the dots between relevant content on your website. Because links matter so much, you should create links to the web outside of your site.

Actually, it works like Google Pagerank and this is just for search engine (sometimes for pagerank). How? Let's see example, you have two posts in which one is doing great in search engine results, another has not been get such rank. Then you must interlink low quality post to high quality post. The principle is here to tell that this (low quality post) is as important like me (high quality post).

Do Some Tweaks With Images

And now one last tweak, images. When you add images to your articles (please do! It catches attention), there a few easy steps that can add a bit extra fuel to your optimization. Always use article relevant Alt text, file names and captions on your images. And, because speed matters when it comes to ranking, make sure to optimize the file size of any image you use.

I know there are other lot of info, but its pretty simple right? Even if it's still a bit foggy, make sure you keep at it and try to wrap your brain around it. This is important if you're looking to start making some good income. Don't forget, you can go ahead and achieve what you desire. So there you go we've got you up and running. Please, if you found this post helpful then comment below. It feels happy to see that I have helped someone.


  1. once again a nice post from you keep it up you r good work i need to know something about my blog what should i do for better seo or tell me if there is anything wrong in my blog http://www.chotabheemseries.com/

    1. No friend, your site is seo optimized. I have seen your site in search results on the 2nd rank.

  2. and bro tell me how to add tag h1 or h2 to headline

    1. no friend i dont mean that
      i want to fix this 2 things below
      The h1 tag is missing.
      The page is missing meta language information

    2. Don't use h1 tag, as seo rule, h1 tag should be used only one time on a site page. If you want to use any other headline tag (h2, h3, h4) go to post editor and find 'normal' in the menubar previous to bold menu.

      and for the meta language information. I don't thing blogger has such function.

    3. ok thanks friend just fews things need to know if u dont mind friend how to get traffic from search engines like google and bing and tell me some usefull way how i get 2000 to 4000 traffic per day in my website

    4. I have written this post for getting traffic from search engine and in the coming day, I will write a post regarding the off site ways to drive traffic with seo. Stay tuned and thanks for your lots of valuable comments on my blog.

    5. as you can see i have video blog so its not easy to get traffic and i just really want some usefull way to get traffic not like other blogger says
      i cant do this things below coz im having video blog
      1 Create valuable content.
      2 Write for human beings first, computers second etc
      i will just wait for your next post thanks

  3. Nice tips here, SEO optimization is the real basis of any blog.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Thanks Adesanmi for your comment. SEO is the backbone for your site, without SEO your site is nothing.

  4. great post man ... keep it up and make more blog posts

    1. Thanks brother, surely I will write more, keep visiting. Your visiting encourage me to write more.

  5. Such a great post which is very useful for SEO beginners. Keep it up!

  6. @Abhishek bro- cool tips.....We all know Content is the king, but we shouldn't forget that SEO is the Queen....so we should treat her well, otherwise she will start giving all here girly tantrums...that will not be good for the well beings of our blog....by the way you should include the importance of meta description too in this post to make it even better.....

    1. Ya buddy, I think you didn't understand the main theme of this topic. This post is the tutorial to make your site seo optimized through on site factors. And yes, meta description matters a lot.

      Thanks for your valuable comment, wants more in future.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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