Facebook Introduced Embedded Posts

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Facebook Embedded Posts
Recently Facebook has introduced a new program, called "Embedded Posts". Now users can embed posts into blog and site. Yet, it is limited to some of publishers. But, soon they will allow it for the whole world. In the last years Facebook introduced so many things like, "Graph Search", "Hashtags" and so on. So, the question is what we can do with Embedded Posts. This will allow you to embed public posts like page post or public post shared by any people. Embedded Posts contain all the activity that will be done with the posts. That's mean it will show likes, comments and shares. The Embedded Posts will also show video, pictures and hashtags associated with it.

We can clearly see that facebook is going more publicly and we can find it out side www.facebook.com. Many of the blogging and business experts are saying that this facebook program is a boon for marketers and but not only to marketers but also for site and blog owners. But this feature has also some prose and cons. Let's see them.

Benefits of Embedded Posts

What can be the benefits, surely if experts are saying then there must be big benefits. First, embedding posts will let people to see the posts outside the facebook.com. And this will surely grip your audience on your blog. This can also be a clever mind of developers of facebook to make their site most engaging. Now, the people can access facebook outside their site, that's mean they will remain No. 1 site in the world forever.

Second, benefit is that now you will not have to depend on youtube for embedding videos on your site. You can now use facebook video. Other is that you can open a public discussion for any topic like "Help", "Seo and Traffic Suggestions", "Blogging Tips And Tricks" etc. Now, you know the benefits of it, let's see its


Every one has some good and bad things. It may have also. You could be embedding positives posts of yours while your competitor could be embed negative posts about you. Who know they are discussing negative about you publicly. This can damage your reputation in the market.

Other thing, let you embed a page post or a person's post, but what if he/she or the page owner will remove the content from timeline. The area will be blank or what will happen I don't know. Well, I have not tried yet.

Here, I am finishing my post, hope you have enjoyed the article. And please share your thought about Embedded Posts of Facebook. What you think about it? I will soon write an article on "How To Embed Facebook Posts In Blog/Site". So, keep visiting.


  1. Hi Abhishek,

    It's great see such updated content here. I'm glad to know you're updating your blog with news and I'm sure this will bring even more benefit to you. Facebook post embed is really a fantastic feature which is revealed now.

    Best of luck for blogging career.

    Mohammed Yaqoob.

    1. Thanks bro your suggestion, Hope I will be benefited more. So, keep visiting. Happy Blogging!

  2. Hi Abhishek,

    This is really a great update, I'm glad about this tips and it's indeed great. Thumb up.

    1. Thanks Adesanmi for commenting here. Come again and keep visiting.

  3. its really cool post here im happy to back nice once again
    bro need ur help i made a new blog for adsense i post only funny pic how can i make my blog look seo friendly here my blog url http://pgjoke.blogspot.com/

    1. I am happy to see you again, and your new blog is seo optimized. Give some description for each post. At least 5 words.

      BTW, Thanks for commenting. Happy Blogging!

  4. Hi, Abhisek,
    Great post. yes, it has some pros and cons. Still, I hoping for the best and I am waiting for this feature as I didn't get it yet. Thank You for sharing.

    1. I ma happy to know that you liked my hard work. Thanks Chandan for commenting here. Keep visiting.

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  6. Such a great feature..congrats to FB team and you.

    1. Yes, Facebook is helping webmasters. Thanks for commenting.


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