5 Reasons Why Will You Fail In Blogging?

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5 Reasons, Misakes, Blogging MistakesMany bloggers start blog, do a hard work on it and after a few months they quit blogging. What can be the reasons behind it? Survey says, each day more than 300,000 blogs are setup but only a few still live and got dead. It is common that most blogs got dead within 4-6 month after their launching. I think, people who chooses blogger as blogging platform does not lose a little penny but what about wordpress, it cost.

Bloggers usually provide meaningless and helpless article in the starting period but they quit blogging because they don’t get what they want from blogging (traffic=leads=sales). Most bloggers start with great attention but fail after blogging in the wrong way. Now, let’s get to the point, what are the reasons for failing?

1. Blogging Only For Money.

Every successful blogger has a worst past. I mean, behind them there are restless days and nights. If you are blogging only for money, then you will get nothing else failure. Most bloggers engage in monetizing blog and waste their precious time in doing these.  I  am not saying you to don’t monetize your but you should focus on contents which are known as the king.

2. Focusing Too Much On Content.

It sounds funny, above you are advised to focus on content and now here you are advised to don’t focus. Let me clear that, everyone knows content is king but content is not so enough for success of a blog. What about a blog, where everyday new content is posted but it has few reader’s that visit it.

3. Lack of Creativity.

 Most content are produced by genius writers. Most bloggers especially newbie are lack of creativity. It depends on you to put your ideas into old content and make it more interesting. It starts with copying and transforming content by putting you creative ideas for better results. Your creativity is a way of success in blogging.

4. Too Lazy To Learn.

Newbie bloggers start with great interest and after a few weeks or months, their complains are that blogging is too tough to do. It is not true; if you are genius in learning then you will achieve your goal. Try to learn from other blogs in your niche. Also, look their oldest post, you will embarrassed to see that how they were in starting.

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5. Promoting the Content Wrong Way.

Here, you think how you share your post on social media. Promoting is not all about sharing your blog and newly posted content on facebook, twitter, etc. They will send a limited amount of traffic, and it is not clear that traffic will target specific.

Best way to promote your blog is to connect your blog with a successful blog in your niche. Do guest blogging if they accept. Other way is to comment on other blogs in your niche but here traffic will be limited.

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Now, you are known to the reasons why most bloggers fails. You should really avoid these things if you are eager to get success.

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