How To Install Google+ Comment System In Wordpress

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Google+ Comments for WordPress, Google+ Comments, Google+ comment plugin on WordPress,Google developed a commenting system on 18 April to use it on blogger while comment on a blogger blog through your Google+ profile. A tutorial on how to integrate Google+ commenting system on blogger blog has already been posted. Now, here is a tutorial to use Google+ commenting system in Wordpress. This will make blog's comment section like a conversation area and your blog more attractive and engaging.

This was officially launched for blogger platform. This is only available for those blog which are using blogger platform. But, then what will happen to Wordpress blog. Don't worry, you will get a great help through thi post to use this commenting system in Wordpress.

Google+ Comment In Wordpress

Here is a quick way to install Google+ Comment In Wordpress. In order to use this, you have add a little javascript code to your theme's comment.php.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <div id="plusonecomments" style="width: 600px;height: 300px;"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> window.setTimeoutundefinedfunctionundefined) { var id = 'plusonecomments'; var divWidth = document.getElementByIdundefinedid).offsetWidth; var width = !!divWidth ? Math.minundefineddivWidth, 750) : 600; var url = "<?php the_permalinkundefined); ?>"; var moderationUrl = ""; var moderationMode = "FILTERED_POSTMOD"; gapi.comments.renderundefinedid, { 'href': url, 'first_party_property': 'BLOGGER', 'legacy_comment_moderation_url': moderationUrl, 'view_type': moderationMode, 'width': width }); }, 10); </script>
Copy above code and paste into comment.php. Now, you have integrate Google+ comment to your blog.

Install Google+ Comments Wordpress Plugin

Installing Google+ Comments Plugin to your blog allows you to integrate Google+ Comments On Wordpress Blog. It will replace default comment system to new. Then you have to activate it and you are welcome to Google+ Comment System World. Download Google+ Comment Worpdress Plugin. Now, activate it and you are ready to see new comment system on Wordpress Blog.

That's it, hope you will get a great help from this tutorial, any problem you found, feel free to consult with me through commenting below. Also, what you like in this new commenting system, please share your opinion below.


  1. I don't even know that the plugin for google plus comment is out, I cant wait to install it on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing


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