5 Surefire Ways To Write Killer Headlines

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5 Ways To Write Headlines
Headlines are the most eye catching things for people. It is the most focused and explaining part of an article. I think without a killer headline your post will go in vain. It’s the first impression that tells the readers almost everything about your post. Even if you have a large number of subscribers, I think they will only there to read your post but new people will not do this, I am sure about this. Imagine what about a newspaper with boring or no headlines or sale page without headline. A waste, right?

If you are thinking that you are not confident about writing compelling headlines then you are not alone in this blogging world. Most bloggers find it challenging to write a killer headline. If you are stuck and got confused while writing headlines. Don’t worry; try these awesome techniques to write an eye catching headline.

Use Numbers to Count

Writing 10 ways to do something, readers will find it interesting and helpful. If you are writing an article that tells 10 ways to get traffic, then why don’t you experiment something with this like “10 ways to get traffic to your blog” and other example; “4 ways to interact readers with your blog.”

But, remember don’t use a large number. When I was searching for “ways to make money with blog”, I got search like this “100 ways to earn money from blog”, “30 ways to make money with blog”. Now, tell me who have about half hour to read only one article.

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The Why, What, When, Where and How Headlines

These are the triggers words and they easily get readers attention because of their catching style. These types of headlines give a solution to the readers and help them and that’s why these types of headlines get more clicks.

Use Adjectives

While writing headlines, adjectives play a vital role. Proper use of adjectives gives the headline a charm which can distract anyone to get notice. Some people use “the only one”, “the leading” or “the number one” like these headlines claiming that they are only intelligent or their blogs are best. But this looks so odd, right?

Make Your Headline Short and Clear

You know that most of search engines take only those of post which have about 8 words. And it gives you a freedom to tweet as twitter has limit to tweet less than 140 characters. But, it is difficult to maintain it all time. Some post wants a lengthy headline. But, it occurs for some post not for all post.

Remember one thing one your headline should not only notice by search engines but also read by your readers. So, if your headline looks so confusing, it’s  going to down your blog from the eyes of your audience.

Let’s see the two examples.

“10 techniques that will bring traffic to your blog” or “10 ways to drive traffic”.

You notice any difference in these two headlines, which one is eye catching headlines. Sometimes, long keywords headline works well but try to keep headline short and clear.

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Ask a Question

Making your post headline like a question encourage your audience to give you answers and leave comment on your blog. It makes your blog a discussion place where people will give their opinion. Right? Let’s see example.

When you ask a question, readers get connected to it and forced to answer something. But, don’t ask question for which readers have answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

There are lots of more techniques to write headlines but I have given something selected. These ideas are not mine; I got these from a blog to which I have subscribed. There were more but I liked these. Now, tell me which of these you like most? Comment below.


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