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Search Engine Index, Listed In Search EnginesThe major purpose of every business owner that is entering online business is to ensure that they get listed in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Being included in these entire search engines are very important for business websites. If your business is not listed in major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, then you are losing your business to your competitors and you are not making the best use of your website investment.

Search Engine Optimization is very important to get listed your blog in search engines and to get more traffic to blogs and websites. Majority of the people uses search engine to get their right information. There is a huge list of search engine but you have to concentrate on only four major search engines. Two of the four major search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN/, and have less amount of user which is msn and Google and Yahoo accounted for over three quarters of all searches carried out in US. MSN cover about only 9 percent of all
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Submitting Site to the Top Search Engines.

First of all, you don’t have to submit your site, if the site has incoming links from other sites that already have indexed in the search engines. Search engines will find your site automatically, no steps required. But, if you want then go to the given links and submit your site manually.
  1. Google.
  2. Yahoo.
  3. MSN/
  4. (please search for it and if you found, tell me)
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If you don’t have so much time to submit your site to major search engines manually. Then, you can do it with a single click. Just follow these steps:

  • Just go to this Rank on top online website and give your Website URL and Email Id (Do not enter your main e-mail address, you may receive spam messages).
  • Before you submit, make sure your website is online and functioning. (no under construction pages).
  • You can deselect the search engines that you do not want to submit your website.
  • Finally Hit the Submit button wait until submission completed.
  • Some engines may require your e-mail confirmation for submission check your Inbox after submission.
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Remember don’t try to submit again within a month, otherwise you will get banned.

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