Are You Making These 3 Blogging Mistakes?

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blogging mistakes, blogging mistakes to avoidAlmost all blogger make some mistakes especially newbie. But, you want to remain in competition, I mean if you want to make money in your niche then you will have to avoid such types of mistakes. I think you know some of them but I want to show you the major mistakes that almost all bloggers make. With that out of the way, here are the three very common mistakes I see bloggers making:

1. Monetizing Too Early

Having ads on your blog from day one is fine, and it might even be a good thing because it will signal to your readers the direction that you are going. The important thing, however, is to make sure that your ads will be minimal in the early days, else they might annoy your very first visitors.

Remember that while your blog is young you will mostly be trying to gain the attention and trust of readers. If you put many ads in their faces before you have their trust, they will certainly go somewhere else. Later in the game, once they know you and the quality of your content, it will be much easier to monetize the blog efficiently without the risk of losing readers.

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2. Not Having A Clear Purpose

Your blog must have a clear purpose, and your readers must be able to grasp that within seconds of browsing around. For example, they must come to your blog and think "Oh cool, this blog has the latest gadget news" or "Nice, this blog has a collection of useful tips about digital photography."

Why is this important? Because with a clear purpose it will be much easier to convert your first time visitors into loyal readers, and this is essential to grow your audience over time. Before anything else, therefore, sit down and figure what is the purpose of your blog, and then develop your content around that purpose.

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3. Changing Design Every Other Month

The abundance of WordPress themes available on the Internet leads some bloggers to change their design every other month. This is obviously a mistake because it will weaken your brand. Testing with a couple of different themes or designs is fine. Once you've chosen one, however, you need to stick with it. For how long? One year is considered to be a good time frame before you can redesign a website (and even then you need to be careful to maintain the overall look and feel and the color scheme).

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Now, its your time to tell me if I have forgot something or you want add any other mistakes, comment. Really I will add with your credit.


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    1. I have just visited your blog and found interesting article, first you should use a professional template. The blogger template is so common to see everywhere on internet.


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